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Due to specialized evaluation techniques and the possibility of further testing, you should allow at least 1-  2 hours for your visit, perhaps longer depending upon the treatment needed. Since unpredictable emergencies are sent to our practice for immediate attention, our appointment schedule may sometimes be delayed.  


Upon arriving to our office the Optometrist will measure your vision and intraocular pressure as well as instill dilating drops. After allowing your pupils to dilate adequately, you will be examined by the physician.


Dilating drops frequently blur vision for a length of time which varies from person to person and may make bright lights bothersome. It is not possible for your ophthalmologist to predict how much your vision will be affected. Because driving may be difficult immediately after an examination, it’s best if you make arrangements not to drive yourself. 

Depending on the eye examination findings, further investigations  may be carried out.

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